Sabina Radeva

Sabina Radeva is a graphic designer, illustrator, and teacher based in Oxford, England.

In 2008 she graduated the Molecular Biology M.Sc. programs at Max Planck Institute, Germany. Gradually, she realised that her creative hobbies brought more happiness and fulfilment than working in the lab so she began to take on-line creative classes, read numerous design textbooks and attended art and design conferences. In 2009 she left science and started freelancing as a graphic designer. In 2015 she started my MA in Illustration studies at University of Hertfordshire.

In 2016, Sabina funded her first picture book, an adaptation of Charles Darwin’s On the Origins of the Species, on Kickstarter where she raised almost £50,000 over 25 times more than her set goal. The book was published in February 2019.