Ros Wynne Jones

Ros Wynne-Jones is the Daily Mirror’s Senior Feature Writer and has worked at the paper since January 2001 and also previously as a graduate trainee, 1994-5. She was previously an Associate Editor and foreign correspondent at the Daily Express, where she reported on the conflicts in Kosovo and East Timor, making more than a dozen trips to the frontlines of the war in South Sudan during the famine in 1998 when 2.4 million people faced starvation.

The idea for her first novel, Something is Going to Fall Like Rain, came from a massacre she witnessed in 1999 during the mass killings in East Timor that went unnoticed by the rest of the world – and also from hundreds of interviews with Dinka tribes people, who had extraordinary stories that were deemed quite ordinary in South Sudan.

Ros has also worked for the Independent, the Independent on Sunday and the Sunday Mirror.