Paul Kennedy

Paul Kennedy is Professor of History and Director of International Security Studies at Yale University, and internationally known for his writings and commentaries upon global political, economic and strategic issues.

Born in 1945 in Northumberland, he obtained his BS at Newcastle University and his doctorate at the University of Oxford. He is a former Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton, and of the Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung, Bonn. Professor Kennedy holds many honorary degrees and fellowships, including that of the Royal Historical Society and of the American Association of Arts and Sciences. He is on the editorial board of numerous journals and writes for US broadsheets and many foreign-language newspapers and magazines.

Professor Kennedy is the author and editor of thirteen books. His best-known work is The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, which provoked an immense debate upon its appearance in 1988 and has since been translated into over twenty languages; Paul is now working on an updated edition. His most recent book is about the principal challenges facing the Allies during the middle period of the Second World War, and how they were overcome. Engineers of Victory is published by Allen Lane / Penguin in the UK and by Random House in the US.

Paul is now collaborating with the artist Ian Marshall on an illustrated history of the Second World War at sea. Victory at Sea will be published by Yale.