Lucy Robinson

Lucy Robinson is the author of The Greatest Love Story of All Time, A Passionate Love Affair with a Total Stranger and The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me. Her latest novel, The Day We Disappeared, was published by Penguin in April 2015.

Lucy worked in theatre and then television documentaries before starting a blog for Marie Claire about her laughably unsuccessful foray into the world of online dating. She did not meet a man during this time but she did become a novelist: every cloud has a silver lining. She now lives in Bristol with her partner, The Man, whom she met when she took off to Buenos Aires to become a bohemian writer in 2010.


Praise for Lucy Robinson:

“We want to climb the highest mountain and shout about this book to the world. We laughed, we cried, we fell in love – and we haven’t stopped going on about it ever since.” (Heat).

“Romantic and laugh-out-loud hilarious.” (Cosmopolitan).

“One of Britain’s most talented rising stars.” (Huffington Post).