Lorraine Carey

Lorraine was brought up in sunny Dorset where she spent her early years making potions out of things she found in the garden, and persuading the neighbour’s brother to drink them. Thankfully she grew out of this and developed a far less risky obsession: roller skating down the hill to ‘ski jump’ over her friends.

Although no-one ever got hurt, Lorraine has now moved on. Her first picture book is Cinderella’s Sister and the Big Bad Wolf (illustrated by Migy Blanco) – published by Nosy Crow in 2015, and shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize.

When not writing children’s stories, she swims outdoors year round, and is an English teacher in London’s vast metropolis, of over twenty years.

‘Many an adult has considered me crazy’ she says, ‘but far more importantly – no child ever has.’