John Pilger

John Pilger is one of the world’s most renowned investigative journalists and documentary film-makers. His books include Heroes (1986), Distant Voices (1992), Hidden Agendas (1998), The New Rulers of the World (2002) and Tell Me No Lies (2004).

Born in Australia he arrived in London in 1962, and was a feature writer on the Daily Mirror and an accredited war correspondent in Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Biafra. He has regularly contributed to the Guardian, Independent, New Statesman, New York Times and Sydney Morning Herald as well as numerous French, Italian, Scandinavian, Canadian and Japanese periodicals.

His many awards include 1966 Descriptive Writer of the Year, 1967 Report of the Year/Journalist of the Year, 1974 News Reporter of the Year, 1977 Campaigning Journalist of the Year, 1979 Journalist of the Year, 1979–80 UN Media Peace Prize (Australia), 1991 American Television Academy Award, 1995 International de Télévision Genève Award, and the 2004 RTS Award for Best British Documentary. In September 2004 he was appointed Visiting Professor at Cornell University and in 2009 he was awarded the Sydney Peace Prize.