Joanna Walsh

“Joanna Walsh is fast becoming one of our most important writers.” Deborah Levy

Joanna Walsh is an internationally-published writer of fiction and creative nonfiction. She is also a critic (The Guardian, The New Statesman), and an editor at 3:AM Magazine and Catapult. She was a judge on the 2016 Goldsmiths Prize and won the Arts Foundation Award for Creative Non-fiction in 2017. She runs @read_women.

She is the author of Vertigo, Hotel, Fractals, Grow A Pair and Seed. Her new collection of stories Worlds From The Word’s End will be published by And Other Stories in September 2017, and her ‘novel in essays’ Break.up was published in the UK by Tuskar Rock Press and in the US by Semiotext(e) in Spring 2018. 



“sentences that can make your heart stop. A feat of language” Starred review at Kirkus

“Walsh is a sublimely elegant writer… Vertigo is artful, intelligent – and elegant above all else.” The New Statesman 

“Renata Adler’s “Speedboat” with a faster engine.” LA Times

“One of the English-language debuts of the year.” Flavorwire

“precise and minimalist prose… The stories in Vertigo are by turns funny, surreal, modernist, remaining at all times accessible.”The Irish Times  

“Such is the startling beauty of this book, as bizarre as it is profound, confirming Walsh as a teller worth listening to very carefully indeed.” The Irish Independent



“a slim, sharp meditation on hotels and desire.” The Paris Review

“It’s a knock out. Completely engaging, juicy and dry – such a great book.” Chris Kraus

“sharp, knowing, casually erudite.” Sydney Review of Books:

“there’s more linguistic play in here, more aphorisms you want to copy onto a postcard and send to your unhappiest smart friend.” The Rumpus

“Walsh’s writing has intellectual rigour and bags of formal bravery… Hotel is a boldly intellectual work.” The Financial Times


Grow a Pair

“it reminded me of Nicholson Baker’s House of Holes, only Walsh’s book is shorter (a good thing in this case), dirtier and even funnier.” The Times Literary Supplement 

“like The Bloody Chamber after a couple of gins… swollen with surreal eroticism and a weird, lavish imagination.” The Erotic Review

“Joanna Walsh is one of the funniest, most subversive writers out there.” Julian Gough



“Walsh’s closest literary ally is probably Lydia Davis, with whom she shares a brevity and starkness of expression. . . Walsh’s refreshing humour — sometimes biting; sometimes absurd — lends her work a poignancy that is genuinely affecting.” The TLS