Helen Dennis (H. L. Dennis)

Helen Dennis was born in Brighton, UK, and loves living near the sea. As a student she volunteered at a boarding school for deaf children and at Brighton Deaf Centre and then worked in a bookshop. After university, she taught in the largest Junior School in Europe at the time, which happened to be in Eastbourne, East Sussex. As well as being a teacher there, she became Head of English and then eventually Assistant Head-teacher.

During a break from teaching, to have her daughter Meggie, she took an MA in ‘Creative Writing, Education and The Arts’ at Sussex University. She then began to write Secret Breakers. This six book series, which centres around code-cracking and the mysterious ancient Voynich Manuscript, was launched in 2012 by Hodder Children’s. It was nominated for several prizes including the Carnegie Medal and has been translated into seven languages.

Her second series, River of Ink, is a quartet of books also centring on a real mystery from history. This is published by Hodder Children’s too and launched in January 2016.

Helen loves to write about the real world…with a bit of a twist. She believes stories are hidden around us waiting to be discovered and so although everything she writes is set in the here and now, there are always links back to stories, mysteries, myths and legends from the past. She writes adventure books and hopes they can be enjoyed by readers from the age of 9 to 109!