Wolfgang Wild

See the past like you wouldn’t believe . . .

Wolfgang Wild is the creator and curator of the Retronaut website, a repository of ‘disruptive’ photography from the very earliest days of the medium to the present. Funny, arresting, thought-provoking, the images on the site are grouped by decade and category, and offer a unique insight into human endeavour in all its richness and folly over the last 150 years.

In his previous incarnation as Chris, he published a collection of the best 400 or so images from the Retronaut archive – Retronaut: The Photographic Time-Machine – published in 2014 by National Geographic Books.

Wolfgang has now completed two new Retronaut titles, for Ilex / Octopus: The Retronaut Guide to Raising Children and The Retronaut Guide to Keeping Pets, both published in 2016.


Author photograph © Elisabeth Hoff