Cathy Fisher

Cathy Fisher is an author and illustrator. She grew up with eight brothers and sisters in Bath and has been a teacher and practising artist since she graduated from art school. She has lived and worked in both Seychelles and Australia as well as the UK. Her art portrays her deep connection with nature and her tender and insightful observation of human behaviour and emotion. Her exquisite illustrations add layers of visual narrative and meaning, making stories richer, deeper and more accessible.

You can view some of her artwork here:-

In collaboration with author Nicola Davies she has published eight books to date and been CILIP Greenaway Medal longlisted for Perfect and The Pond. Their most notable recent work is The New Girl.

Goodreads review
‘In this gentle story, issues of diversity, bullying, acceptance and growing friendship are explored. The stunning illustrations, with a colour palette that evokes the changing emotions and mood of the story, are used in a most clever way. While the words of the story are given to us from the point of view of the bully, the illustrations show us the tale from the perspective of the new girl, giving us her voice with pinpoint accuracy. The moment of acceptance and friendship brings the story to a heart-warming resolution. In every way, this is an insightful, loving, extraordinary book’.