Alan Brown

Alan Brown writes for children across a wide age range. For younger children there are lively picture books like Hoot and Holler and I Am A Dog, and a funny first story book called The Incredible Journey Of Walter Rat. For older children there is the mythic story book King of the Dark Tower, the problem pet story A Dog Of My Own, and an Arthurian novel called Sword And Sorcery.

Alan has written in vivid story-style about Edward Jenner and the first vaccine in The Smallbox Slayer, and about the Tolpuddle Martyrs and their transportation to Australia in Tolpuddle Boy. His picture book, Love A Duck, was published by Gullane. Never Lie on a Lion was published by Bloomsbury in 2012 as part of their collaboration with London Zoo.

Alan Brown works on creative writing with children and adults in writing groups, schools and libraries.