Laura West

Laura grew up in a market town in the midlands. She joined David Higham Associates after reading English Literature at Sussex University and Oregon State University. She worked first in the Media Department before moving over to Books. In the past she worked at Waterstone’s and the Brighton outpost of The Lamb Bookshop.

Laura works with Anthony Goff on his authors and is interested in all kinds of writing for children – fiction and non-fiction for young readers, middle grade, teen and YA audiences. She is incredibly keen to find brilliant new voices that explore environmental and social themes. She would also like to find a knock out story of first love, full of joy and longing. Laura is also interested in literary fiction and select and varied non-fiction for adults including music projects, writing tackling environmental issues, motherhood.

She is happy to receive submissions via email. Please send a covering email with a brief pitch of the book and a short biography and attach one word document containing the synopsis and chapters (synopsis first), or proposal – the file name should include your name, title of the book and genre of the work.

You can find her over on Twitter @LozWesty.

Clients include