About Us

David Higham Associates today operates in a world unrecognisable from that of 1935, the year the agency began.

But many of our core values were laid down at the beginning, and remain the cornerstone of how we do business. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of a media landscape that is changing more rapidly and fundamentally than ever before, and the agency continues to be at the heart of the debate about how to deal with the impact and opportunities of the digital age.

We have some of the most successful literary careers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in our care, and believe it is our ability to foresee the future while safekeeping the past that makes us one of the most successful agencies in the world.

We aim to ensure our clients’ work is promoted at the highest level. We negotiate on their behalf the very best terms available in the marketplace. And we provide personal, hands-on advice and guidance on all aspects of their career. In short, our clients are at the heart of everything we do. From editorial support to focusing on the minutiae of every clause of every contract, we know that our contribution depends entirely on the writers we represent.

Whatever the medium – whether book, stage, film, television, ebook or technologies yet to be invented – David Higham Associates’ clients will continue to deliver the best message.


We are longstanding members of the Association of Authors’ Agents, of which our colleagues Anthony Goff and Lizzy Kremer have both served as President, and are proud to support the industry-wide commitment to professional behaviour in bookselling and publishing. The commitment can be read here.