Emma Reeves

Emma Reeves

Category: Film, TV & Theatre, Radio, Theatre, Comedy, Children's TV
Agent: Georgina Ruffhead

Emma is a versatile and experienced writer working across adult and children's TV drama and the stage. Her TV credits include The Dumping GroundTracy Beaker Returns, Young Dracula, Sadie J, The Story of Tracy Beaker, Sadie Jones, Belonging, The Murder of Princess Diana (Lifetime Channel), Half Moon Investigations, Spirit Warriors and Doctors. Her 13 part series, Eve, co-created with Leopard TV for CBBC started transmistting in January 2015 .  Her stage work includes her acclaimed adaptation of Jacqueline Wilson's Hetty Feather (national tour and West End 2014, Olivier nomination) and prior to that adaptations of Carrie's War (Lillian Baylis Theatre 2006, West End 2009 and national tour 2010), Little Women (West End) and Cool Hand Luke (West End Autumn 2011).  In 2011 Emma was nominated by the Writers' Guild for Best Children's Television Script for Tracy Beaker Returns: What You Don’t Know and again in 2013 for her script from The Dumping Ground series 2. In 2012 Tracy Beaker Returns won the RTS award for Best Children's Drama with Emma’s nominated script Money

Credits include:


Hetty Feather Series 2 - CBBC
1 x 30 minute script commissioned  

The Worst Witch - CBBC
1 x 30 minute commissioned (development)

Eve 2 - CBBC
Bible and scripts commissioned 


Hetty Feather - Kenny Wax/Rose Theatre, Kingston/William Archer/Novel Theatre
Stage adaptation of Jacqueline Wilson's novel on tour, culminating in West End production (Vaudeville Theatre)
Olivier Nomination (Best Entertainment and Family category)

The Worst Witch - CBBC
Bible and 60 minute pilot script commissioned

The Snow Child - Tutti Frutti Productions
Stage play commissioned

2012-2014 Eve - Leopard TV/CBBC
Lead writer, co-creator (with Leopard TV).  5 scripts and bible commissioned. Broadcast 2015

2013 -2014 Dumping Ground Series 3 - CBBC
3 scripts commissioned 

2013-2014 Hetty Feather - CBBC
2 scripts commissioned

Penny Spangles - The Foundation
Bible commissioned for animated series

The Dumping Ground series 2 - CBBC
2 scripts commissioned (The Truth is Out There nominated for WGGB best children's writer award)

2012 Young Dracula Series 4 - CBBC
3 x 30 minute script commissioned

Sadie J series 2 - CBBC
1 x 30 minute script commissioned

2011 The Dumping Ground series 1 - CBBC
2 x 30 minute script commissioned 

Cool Hand Luke - Novel Theatre
Adaptation produced at Aldwych Theatre

Young Dracula series 3- BBC Childrens
2 x 30 minute scripts commission and additional script rewrites commissioned

Sadie J series 2 - BBC TV
1 x 30 minute Script commission

Tracy Beaker Returns 3 - BBC Childrens
3 x 30 minute script commission

Amy Green - Purple Pictures
Treatment commission

Sadie J - BBC Online
Commission to write Sadie's Blog across the series

2010 Hetty Feather - Novel Theatre
Commissioned to adapt Jacqueline Wilson's novel for stage

Sadie J series 1 - BBC Childrens
2 scripts commissioned

Eve - Leopard Drama
Pitch document commissioned

Tracy Beaker Returns - BBC Childrens
2 episodes commissioned

- Winner: RTS award for Best Children's Drama 2012

Tracy Beaker Stay Safe - BBC Onlines
3 Interactive episodes commissioned

Dead Gorgeous series 2 - ABC/BBC
1 script commissioned

Commission for an original comedy play - Novel Theatre

2009 Dead Gorgeous - Coolabi/CBBC
4 scripts re-writes

Tracy Beaker Returns - BBC
2 x 30 minute scripts commissioned

Carrie's War - West End production July - September 2009

The Psycho's Tale - stage play performed as part of Dirty Protest in Cardiff

My Almost Famous Family - BBC
2 scripts commissioned

Chuggington - Ludorom
1 x script commissioned
1 x interstitial script commissioned

2008 Spirit Warriors - CBBC
1 x 30 minute script commissioned

Half Moon Investigations - BBC Children's
2 x 30 minute scripts commissioned

Belonging Still - BBC Radio
2 scripts commissioned

Draft of script commissioned by Big Tree Productions

2007 Belonging - BBC TV
2 x 30 minute script commissioned

Until the Real Thing Comes Along - Lifetime TV/Working Title
Commissioned to adapt Elizabeth Berg's novel into a full-length TV movie

Young Dracula Series 2 - BBC Children's
2 x 30 minute scripts commissioned

Belonging (Radio Wales)
5 x 10 minute episodes of radio serial

Mary Barton - Arts Educational Schools, London
Adaptation (Co-written with Andrew Loudon) of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel performed

Cool Hand Luke - Novel Theatre
Commissioned to adapt the book for a proposed West End production

2006 - 2007 The Murder of Princess Diana (Working TItle TV/Lifetime Channel)
90 minute TV movie script commissioned. Transmitted on Lifetime Channel in the US August 2007

2006 Young Dracula - BBC Children's
Commissioned to write 2 x 30 minute scripts

On the Cusp - Radio 4
Short play for Woman's Hour series

Carrie's War - Lilian Baylis Theatre, Sadlers Wells
An adaptation of Nina Bawden's novel produced as Christmas show (commissioned by Novel Theatre)

1984 - Arts Educational Schools, London
Adaptation (co-written with Andrew Loudon) of George Orwell's novel performed

2005 Secret Sis - BBC Children's
1 x 25 minute script

The Story of Tracy Beaker, Series 5 - BBC Children's
1 x 15 minute script

Something for Nothing - BBC Radio Wales
1 hour radio play about the riots in Caia Park, Wrexham transmitted March 2005. Produced by Gilly Adams

Doctors Series 6 - BBC1
Episode 131: "Crowded House" broadcast

Leaving this Land - Radio 4
15 minute original play broadcast as part of Woman's Hour drama strand, 'Early Viewing Recommended?. Produced by Gilly Adams

2004 - 2005 Anne of Green Gables - Lilian Baylis Theatre, Sadlers Wells
Adaptation from LM Montgomery's novel produced by Novel Theatre

Little Women - Duchess Theatre, London
Adaptation of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel produced by Novel Theatre running from September 2004 to January 2005. Previously produced at the Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh (1999) New End Theatre, Hampstead (2001), Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate (2001) and Lillian Bayliss Theatre, Sadlers Wells (2002)

2004 Clinging to Lord Nelson - Radio 4
Radio 4 Afternoon Play commissioned - transmitted October 2005. Produced by Alison Hindell

The Story of Tracy Beaker, series 4 - BBC1
2 x episodes commissioned and broadcast

Stoppage Time - (co-writer, Amit Sharma) - Radio 3
4 minute play, broadcast on The Verb, February 7th 2004. Produced by Jeremy Mortimer and Sally Avens

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Theatre En Anglais
Adaptation co-written with Andrew Loudon commissioned for French tour

2003 Office Gossip - BBC2 Wales
5 minute film commissioned as part of a proposed season of short films entitled Life Squared

2001 Remote Control (co-writer, Helen Reeves)
Radio sitcom, BBC Talent finalist

Emma has a BA in English (First Class Honours) from Magdalen College, Oxford, and an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia.