Lyall Watson

Lyall Watson

Titles: Elephantoms, The Whole Hog
Category: Fiction, Non-Fiction
Agent: Georgia Glover
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Photo: Yasuo Konisui

Lyall Watson was born in Africa and learned to read from a bird book. He grew up in the bush, running wild in a world where adults were occupied with a World War. His early enthusiasm were later formalised by degrees in geology, botany, zoology and anthropology in South Africa; and a doctorate under the eye of Desmond Morris at the London Zoo.

Made virtually unemployable in this manner, he joined BBC TV as a producer and presenter; started a consultancy; designed and directed zoos; ran a safari company in Kenya and founded a marine national park in the Seychelles.

Awarded a Knight of the Order of the Golden Ark by the Netherlands in honour of conservation work on the International Whaling Commission in 1985.

Lyall died in 2008.

Featured Title: The Whole Hog

The Whole Hog